Synthesis Equipment

The laboratory has been fully equipped with a wet chemistry lab (seven hoods equipped with manifolds), CEM microwaves, microfluidic reactor, freeze dryer, dip-coater, spin coater.

1.High Yield Synthesis: Reactors

a.High temperature and pressure reactor


b. Synthesis Reactor


2.Microwave synthesis. CEM discover link to site:
This process allows synthesis that require high temperature that may damage the product. in lower temperature with high efficiency.

3. Sonicator 50-60 Hz voltage link to site


4. Lyophilizer Bench Top Pro up to -105 Celsius degree  Link to site


5. Ultra fast centrifuge 13500 RPM HERMLE Z 326 K link to site


6. Ball Milling Planetary Micro Mill PULVERISETTE 7 premium line

Link to site


7. Dip-Coater


8. Spin-coater


9. Microfluidic cell